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Electrocoup F3015 Battery Operated Pruning Tool.
With Optional Quick Change Cutting Heads and Full DSES Safety Shut Down System.
For further technical information and videos visit: http://www.infaco.com/en/products/f3015/product-sheet-f3015


The 3015 model is a significant evolution from the current 3010 design. While looking superficially similar, beneath the covers lies a major advancement in design, motor and circuitry, powered by futuristic battery technology.
Changes to the motor and gearing has allowed the 3015 model to be shorter and narrower. The inner body (comes with a lifetime guarantee) is now made up of a new heavy duty aluminium based alloy which makes the unit much lighter, adding to the ergonomic dexterity of the hand- piece. Not only is the 3015 model easier to hold and position, it is significantly faster and more powerful making this tool the ultimate workhorse.
The 3015 retains the concept of interchanging cutting heads, with minor changes that have reduced the weight of all sizes, increased blade openings and made changing between heads easier and quicker.
Infaco has eliminated the control box and have incorporated its functions as an inbuilt feature of the hand piece, thus making it a single cable connection between the handpiece and the battery.
The biggest change is in the design of the battery. Infaco partnering with one of the worlds leading technology specialist has designed a new and advanced Li-Ion battery making it much lighter and smaller than any of its kind. In fact it’s so small that, it looks very similar to an iPhone6s, only a little thicker, and can easily be slipped into the user’s pocket.
Additional accessories come with integrated electronics, making the device easy to use. Implementation of a ‘Plug & Play’ technique has allowed for the Electrocoup3015’s to be used with peripheral accessories such as the extension pole or safety glove with out having to recalibrate or use additional cables.

Apart from distinguishing design features from its predecessors, the Electrocoup3015’s are expected to function as high performance tools. With increased speed and precision, the new model is believed to be 30% faster and more powerful than its previous version. The new brushless motor technology implemented, potentially increases the reliability of the unit and makes it less susceptible to faults.
Infaco has taken its time to go ahead and implement its new battery technology. The new 120Wh Li-Ion battery comes with an autonomy of 9hours on a full charge and is expected to last a 1000 cycles per life of the battery. More features of the battery include a super charge function (90% of the battery charges in one hour and takes an extra half an hour to evenly distribute the charge to its full capacity) and winter mode (puts the battery to sleep during the off-season period).
Beyond that, the battery is capable of powering the new range of Powercoup PW2 multifunction tools.

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Weight 6 kg